Institutional Advisory


We construct portfolios that are intended to produce a strong risk-adjusted return over a full market cycle. Our team manages portfolios in a disciplined manner to reflect a client’s unique circumstances.

Comprehensive Review. We use a robust suite of financial tools and models to gather and analyze an institution’s investment goals, risk tolerance and present and future spending needs. This analysis is used to establish a detailed Investment Policy Statement.

Strategy Implementation. A customized investment strategy designed to compound portfolio assets over full market cycles is implemented for each client. Portfolios are sufficiently diversified. Depending on a client’s mandate and specific investment guidelines, the portfolio may be allocated to separately managed accounts, limited partnerships, mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds. With the client’s approval, both internal and external investment strategies may be utilized to execute portfolio strategy.

Risk Management. We are keenly focused on measuring and managing market, investment and liquidity risks using quantitative tools and qualitative judgment at the manager and portfolio levels. Continual review and assessment of investment strategies and portfolio management techniques is vital to maximizing our clients’ goals.
Institutional Advisory


Risk Management - We are keenly focused on managing risk at the manager and portfolio levels. We measure and manage market risk, manager risk and liquidity risk using quantitative tools and qualitative judgment.

Structure– Lowe, Brockenbrough offers the ability to serve as the client’s outsourced investment office. Portfolios may be constructed to incorporate internally and / or externally managed investment strategies depending on client mandate. Strategies may be accessed through mutual funds, ETFs, separate accounts and direct manger placements.

Lowe, Brockenbrough offers the ability to invest through a separately managed portfolio or through a multi-asset class comingled partnership structure. The pooled vehicle allows smaller relationships to pool assets for manager access and administrative efficiency, yet still affording the ability to establish customized asset allocation.
Institutional Advisory


Lowe, Brockenbrough created the Bespoke Capital Strategies, L.P. and the Bespoke Private Strategies, L.P. to afford smaller endowments and foundations the opportunity to access the investment strategy and manager allocation currently implemented for Lowe, Brockenbrough’s larger institutional relationships.

Bespoke Capital Strategies, L.P. and Bespoke Private Strategies, L.P. are Regulation D private securities offerings under the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and are only available to accredited and qualified investors. For more information on these strategies, please contact a member of the Wealth Advisory Team or LB&C.